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SAH Statistics Archive - 2003-2004 thru 2020-2021 - Goalie Stats - Total

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PlayerGames Played*Goals Against*GAA*
Bialk, Theo14956.79
Burzon, Matt291214.17
Collett, Reagan166.00
Denny, Ryan462064.48
Dollhopf, Ethan361373.81
Fuerstenberg, Sarah3289.33
Girdaukas, Casey1848624.68
Glines, Dakota15916.07
Greeneway, Ryan20610164.93
Guillen, Jovanny171.339815.73
Hittman, Trevor643455.39
Kestell, Rob17975.71
Munger, Corey11515.00
Murray, Matt1175184.43
Ninneman, Josh6284.67
O'Shea, Rick0.6745.97
Turner, Austin144.00
White, Mike341885.53
Wilkinson, Chad15865.73
Wright, Nathan663455.23

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